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52 Places to Go in 2020(4)

31. Paris

31. 巴黎

The capital of food and fashion renews itself — with a big green commitment, too


Ever-resilient Paris had its setbacks in 2019. First came the Yellow Vest riots, then the catastrophic Notre-Dame fire. But with a slew of big openings — restaurants by marquee-name chefs included — the City of Lights is renewing itself. The iconic Jules Verne restaurant, on the second floor of the Eiffel Tower, unveiled a gleaming new look and a new, high-profile chef, Frédéric Anton, last July. In June, the Bourse de Commerce will open as a museum showcasing the private contemporary art collection of French billionaire François Pinault, with a restaurant by the acclaimed father-and-son duo Michel and Sébastien Bras. In July, the imposing 18th-century Hôtel de la Marine will open its doors as a national monument, with a grand tearoom by Alain Ducasse. Fashion hounds, not to be outdone, have their own spate of news in April: Paris’s fashion museum, the Palais Galliera, will reopen with double its former exhibition space, and after a 15-year-closure, the grand magasin La Samaritaine will reveal a stunning redesign and a luxury Cheval Blanc hotel. Paris will be greener, too, with what is expected to be the world’s largest rooftop urban farm, NU Nature Urbaine, opening in April, and 247 acres of new vegetation across Paris’s rooftops, facades and walls through the city’s ambitious Parisculteurs commitment. 

从来都无比坚韧的巴黎在2019年遭遇了一些挫折。先有黄背心骚乱,后有圣母院大火。但随着大量盛大开业——包括名厨餐厅——的到来,光之城仍呈现出了新面貌。去年7月,位于埃菲尔铁塔二楼的标志性餐厅儒勒·凡尔纳(Jules Verne)以全新面貌亮相,新主厨弗雷德里克·安东(Frederic Anton)备受关注。今年6月,巴黎商业交易所(Bourse de Commerce)将作为一个博物馆对外开放,展出法国亿万富豪弗朗索瓦·皮诺(Francois Pinault)的当代艺术私人收藏,广受赞誉的米歇尔·布拉斯(Michel Bras)和塞巴斯蒂安·布拉斯(Sebastien Bras)父子也将于此开设餐厅。7月,富丽堂皇的18世纪建筑海军酒店(Hôtel de la Marine)将作为国家历史纪念地开放,内设有一间由阿兰·杜卡斯(Alain Ducasse)设计的豪华茶室。时尚追逐者也不甘示弱,在4月也会迎来一连串新鲜事:巴黎时尚博物馆加列拉宫(Palais Galliera)将重新开放,展览面积会是以前的两倍;经过15年的关闭之后,老牌大型百货公司莎玛丽丹(La Samaritaine)将揭开重新设计后的绝赞新颜,一家全新的白马庄园(Cheval Blanc)豪华酒店也将在这里开业。巴黎还将增加更多绿色,预计是世界上最大的屋顶城市农场NU Nature Urbaine将于今年4月开放,通过市政府雄心勃勃的Parisculteurs承诺计划,届时将会有247英亩的新植被覆盖整个巴黎的屋顶、外立面和墙壁。

32. Lake District, England

32. 英国,湖区

The ‘loveliest spot’ is now even more so


William Wordsworth’s lyricism shaped Romanticism, the movement of individualism, inspiration and communing with nature – which, for the celebrated poet, was epitomized by the Lake District, a verdant region of peaks and valleys in northwest England that was designated a World Heritage Site in 2017. In 2020, the 250th anniversary of Wordsworth’s birth, an ambitious $8 million project, Reimagining Wordsworth, will highlight the writer across his pastoral Cumbrian homeland, notably in the achingly charming village of Grasmere. Wordsworth lived here, at Dove Cottage, where he scribbled vigorously to emerge with seminal works like “I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud.” At Dove Cottage and the corresponding Wordsworth Museum, the outdoors will be embraced with a new courtyard, walking trails, expanded galleries and a recreated orchard, while the village is unveiling a community sensory garden with local plants from Wordsworth’s time. In Cockermouth, Wordsworth’s birthplace, the Wordsworth House and Garden will also host an anniversary exhibit from mid-March 2020. But perhaps the most memorable way to pay tribute to the pioneering environmentalist is to roam the countryside – poetry readings will be held around Cumbria and beyond – guided by his prescient words: “Let nature be your teacher.”

威廉·华兹华斯的抒情诗塑造了浪漫主义、个人主义的运动、灵感和与自然的交流——对这位著名诗人来说,湖区就是这种交流的缩影,这片地区位于英国西北部山峰峡谷的郁郁葱葱之中,在2017年被指定为世界遗产。2020年是华兹华斯诞辰250周年,耗资800万美元的“华兹华斯重塑(Reimagining Wordsworth)”计划将重点关注华兹华斯在坎布里亚郡的家乡田园,尤其是迷人的格拉斯米尔村。华兹华斯的故居是鸽屋(Dove Cottage),在那里他挥洒笔墨,写出了很多有影响力的作品,比如《我孤独地漫游,像一朵云》。环绕在鸽屋及配套的华兹华斯博物馆(Wordsworth Museum)之外,是新修的庭院、步道、扩建的画廊和重建的果园,而村里还将开放一座社区感官花园,里面种有华兹华斯时代的本地植物。在华兹华斯的出生地科克茅斯,华兹华斯故居花园(Wordsworth House and Garden)也将从2020年3月中旬开始举办周年纪念展览。不过,纪念这位环保先锋最好的方式,或许就是徜徉在坎布里亚郡的乡间——这里及周边地区都将举行诗歌朗诵会——以他的先见之明为指导:“大自然就是一个老师。”

33. Tajikistan

33. 塔吉克斯坦

A high-altitude haven for adventure travelers gets easier to visit


This landlocked country in Central Asia is becoming a prime spot for hiking, whitewater rafting and climbing, even though it’s one of the least visited countries in the world. With little internet access and a developing infrastructure, it’s pure off-the-grid travel — at least for now. The Wakhan Valley is a rugged region that sits mostly in northern Afghanistan but stretches into Tajikistan. Reached via the Pamir Highway, this area offers access to an ancient Silk Road fortress in Namadgut, where you can bathe in natural hot springs, climb the rocks above the city of Langar to discover ancient stone carvings, explore the fascinating mix of cultures, or gaze at the Milky Way from the mountains of Murghab. (The tour company Remote Lands offers an itinerary — the Pamir Highway Road Trip — based on this dramatic route.) With 2020 comes greater accessibility: a further easing of visa restrictions, new flight connections with Somon Air and additional bus service on fresh highways connecting major towns. Hilton also recently debuted a flagship property in the capital, Dushanbe, the first of 10 new hotels opening across the country.

这个位于中亚的内陆国家正在成为徒步、漂流和登山的首选之地,尽管它是世界上游客最少的国家之一。由于几乎没有互联网接入,且基础设施还在建设中,至少目前来说,来这里可谓纯粹的离线旅行。瓦罕山谷(Wakhan Valley)是个大部分位于阿富汗北部的崎岖地带,但一直延伸到塔吉克斯坦。走帕米尔高速路(Pamir Highway)可以抵达,这里是通往古丝绸之路要塞纳马古特的通道纳马古特(Namadgut)的通道,让你可以沐浴在天然的温泉里,爬上兰加尔城(Langar)上方的山岩去寻找古老的石雕,探索迷人的文化融合,或从穆尔加布(Murghab)的丛山上眺望银河。(Remote Lands旅游公司基于这一扣人心弦的线路开辟了“帕米尔高速公路之旅”。)随着2020年的到来,这里的交通会更加便利:签证限制进一步放宽,索蒙航空公司(Somon Air)将开通新航班,更多巴士服务也将连接主要城镇的新建高速公路。希尔顿集团最近还在首都杜尚别开设旗舰店,这是该国新开业的10家酒店之一。

34. Antakya, Turkey

34. 土耳其,安塔基亚

On the site of an ancient mosaic, an open-air museum and a stunning new hotel


Antakya, the former ancient city of Antioch that is nestled in southern Turkey near the Syrian border, has rich offerings for a visitor. An important center for early Christians led by St. Paul, it is home to one of Christianity's earliest churches, the Church of St. Peter, cut into the mountain; one of the first mosques built outside Arabia; an old city of narrow alleys and white stone houses; and an exceptional archaeology museum filled with Roman and Byzantine mosaics.


An unusual hotel, the Museum Hotel Antakya, opens in January, overlooking extensive new archaeological excavations, including the largest intact Roman mosaic ever discovered, thought to be the floor of a forum. When digging the foundations for the five-star hotel, the Asfuroglu family encountered such important layers of ancient history that they financed the excavations and redesigned the hotel. The work uncovered tens of thousands of artifacts, city walls from 300 BC and the fourth-century mosaic, an undulating flow that tells of devastating earthquakes and rerouted rivers. The site is now an open-air public museum, and the hotel, suspended on steel pillars, offers unparalleled views and glass walkways over the site, together with complimentary access to the museum.

与众不同的安塔基亚博物馆酒店(Museum Hotel Antakya)于1月开业,在这里可以俯瞰大量新的考古发掘,包括迄今为止发现的最大、最完整的罗马镶嵌画,它应该是一处广场的地板。当为这家五星级酒店挖掘地基时,阿斯福格鲁(Asfuroglu)家族发现了如此重要的古老历史,于是他们出资发掘现场,并重新设计了酒店。这项发掘工作让数以万计的手工艺品、公元前300年建造的城墙和四世纪留下的镶嵌画重见天日,汇聚成一条讲述了毁灭性地震和河流改道历史的起伏时间线。该遗址如今成为露天公共博物馆,而酒店就悬空建造在钢柱之上,为住客提供无与伦比的景观和玻璃走道,还可免费进入博物馆参观。

35. Leipzig, Germany

35. 德国,莱比锡

From industrial center to shrinking city to newest cool-kid town


Thirty years after German reunification, the once-dreary factories of Leipzig have been overtaken by lofts, galleries, workshops, clubs and restaurants. Often called “the new Berlin”, the city is home to more than 40,000 students (Angela Merkel was once one of them), and has a thriving nightlife scene, further boosted by the city’s decision to abolish club closing times in 2018. However much it has changed, though, Leipzig hasn’t forgotten its roots. Throughout 2020, in tandem with a state exhibition celebrating 500 years of industrialization, Leipzig will celebrate its own industrial history, which dates back to the early 19th century, with exhibitions, performances, talks, fairs and tours of the city. Until March, the Museum of Fine Arts will explore, through 50 works of art, how the work of machines and humans have become intertwined over the last couple of centuries, and from March through June, The Museum of the Printing Arts will feature photos from as early as 1900 that document the effects of industry. Throughout the year, the city will offer tours of six areas where forced labor took place during the Nazi era. On the lighter side, a symposium in May with experts from Vienna, Berlin and London will highlight the history of how abandoned factories have been transformed into clubs and live music venues, and in the summer, seven bridges in the neighborhood Leipzig West, once home to many factories, will become stages for open-air theater.

德国重新统一的30年后,莱比锡曾经沉闷的工厂已被阁楼、画廊、工作室、俱乐部和餐馆取代。这座常被称为“新柏林”的城市拥有4万多名学生(安格拉·默克尔[Angela Merkel]曾是其中一员),夜生活本就丰富,而当该市决定在2018年取消俱乐部的打烊时间,则让夜晚的热闹更进一步。但不管莱比锡发生了多大变化,它都没有忘记自己的根。整个2020年,莱比锡将举办庆祝工业化500年的国家展览,同时也将通过展览、表演、谈话、集市和观光来庆祝自身可以追溯到19世纪初的工业历史。在3月之前,莱比锡艺术博物馆(Museum of Fine Arts)将通过50份艺术作品探索在过去几个世纪里,机器和人类的工作是如何交织在一起的;而从3月到6月,印刷艺术博物馆(The Museum of the Printing Arts)将展出可追溯到1900年的照片,记录工业的影响。全年,莱比锡也将提供纳粹时期出现强迫劳动的六个地区的旅游服务。再看较轻松的一面,来自维也纳、柏林和伦敦的专家将在5月份召开一个研讨会,重点讨论废弃工厂如何被改造为俱乐部和音乐演奏场地的历史;而到夏天,位于莱比锡西区(Leipzig West)的七座桥梁将会变成露天剧场舞台,这里曾是许多工厂的所在地。

36. Lima, Peru

36. 秘鲁,利马

A city of extraordinary food has a rich history and art as well


Lima today is arguably the culinary epicenter of South America, a city dotted with celebrity chefs and extravagant plates of extraordinary food. This exciting scene serves as an antidote to what in the past kept travelers from sticking around: gloomy skies, dilapidated corners, traffic jams and economic inequality. But those who give the place a chance are rewarded not only with world-class dining, but also with a rich historic and cultural capital filled with picture-perfect squares like Plaza Mayor, museums filled with ancient treasure like Museo Larco and artisan-dotted mansions like Dédalo Arte y Artesania. And new nonstop flights from the United States and Latin America make it easier to get to Lima than ever before. Tourists usually orbit around the Miraflores neighborhood, with its tidy shops like Morphology and cliffside boardwalk for bike riding, not to mention restaurants like Maido and Central, both in the top 10 of The World's 50 Best Restaurants ranking. But there is shopping to be done at the local boutiques along Calle de los Conquistadores in San Isidro as well, just as there is a pre-Incan pyramid to explore in the center of town. Don't get bogged down by the gray: Lima in 2020 is shining bright.

今天的利马可以说是南美洲的美食中心,到处都是明星大厨和奢华餐饮。这一激动人心的景象,帮游客克服了以往那些阴沉天空、破败角落、交通堵塞和经济不平等导致他们无法流连忘返的难题。愿意给这里一个机会的游客,不仅能得到世界级美食的回报,还可以体验到这里丰富的历史和文化,到处都是像市长广场(Plaza Mayor)般景致优美的广场,博物馆也都像拉库博物馆(Museo Larco)一样全是古代珍宝,还有Dédalo Arte y Artesania这种汇集了手工艺人的商厦。从美国和拉丁美洲出发的新直飞航班使前往利马比任何时候都更容易。游客们通常会绕着米拉弗洛雷斯(Miraflores)社区游览,那里有像Morphology一样的整洁商店,还有可供自行车骑行的悬边窄路,更不用提Maido和Central这两家餐厅,都进入了“全球50家最佳餐厅名单”的前十名。不过,也别忘了去圣伊西德罗Calle de los Conquistadores大街的本地精品店购物,市中心还有前印加文明留下的金字塔可供参观。别因为灰色停滞不前:2020年的利马是明亮的。

37. Molise, Italy

37. 意大利,莫利塞

If you’re in search of untrammeled, traditional Italy, you’ve found it


Never heard of Molise? Don’t be embarrassed. Even many Italians haven’t been to this region in south-central Italy. But those who make the pilgrimage have discovered one of the most spectacular parts of the country and its youngest region; it was part of Abruzzo-Molise until 1963. Among the draws: Roman settlements like Saepinum (a complex of baths and a forum that rival those in Italy’s capital, but without the crowds); a pristine coastline that includes towns like Termoli, overlooking the Adriatic, with a Swabian castle; and mountains like Campitello Matese, home to a wide network of slopes for skiers. Hikers will also want to explore the routes of transumanza, the centuries-old tracks, along which sheep and oxen were herded, from Abruzzo through Molise into Puglia in the colder months. The festivals here are essential to the region’s culture. In the Christmas season, during the Ndocciata festival, torches are lit in towns like Agnone; the Carrese festival in the spring features an oxcart race through Ururi. Ditch your car and view the landscapes by train. Called the Trans-Siberian of Italy because of its remote and spectacular route, it has carriages from the 1920s carrying passengers from Abruzzo’s Sulmona to Molise’s Isernia, past forests and mountain villages.


38. Copenhagen

38. 哥本哈根

A green city gets even more sustainable and connected


A slew of innovative developments are nudging Denmark’s capital city closer to its carbon-neutral 2025 goal. The world’s first waste-to-energy plant topped by a ski slope, CopenHill opened in time for the 2019-20 season. The ski hill, designed by Bjarke Ingels Group, sits in the city’s emerging Refshaleoen neighborhood. This year sees the opening of the five-star hotel Villa Copenhagen, housed in a former postal center next to Copenhagen Central Station, the city’s main train station. It’s one of a few luxury hotels to meet the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. In November, riding the wave of New Nordic Cuisine’s success, chef Kamilla Seidler (Gustu) opened her new restaurant Lola, which employs refugees, ex-convicts and disabled people, all with an eye to social sustainability, creating an increasingly inclusive dining scene. And perhaps the biggest change is the giant new electric M3 subway loop (City Ring). Linking the neighborhoods of Norrebro and Frederiksberg with 17 brand-new subway stations, it opened in late 2019. An additional subway line will open this year, making inner-city transport even more sustainable.

一系列创新发展使丹麦首都更加接近其2025年碳中和的目标。CopenHill是世界上首个屋顶设滑雪场的垃圾发电厂,它的开放正好赶上2019-20的滑雪季。滑雪场由BIG(Bjarke Ingels Group)设计,位于该市新兴的拉夫斯黑尔(Refshaleoe)区。今年,五星级酒店Villa Copenhagen开业,该酒店坐落在哥本哈根中央火车站(哥本哈根主要火车站)旁边,以前这里是一个邮政中心。它是少数几家满足联合国可持续发展目标的豪华酒店之一。11月,乘着新北欧菜系的成功浪潮,主厨Kamilla Seidler(来自Gustu餐厅)开设了自己的新餐厅Lola,该餐厅雇佣难民、前罪犯和残疾人,全部着眼于社会的可持续发展,营造出日益包容的用餐氛围。也许最大的改变莫过于大工程——新M3地铁环线(城市之环[Cityringen])。它将于2019年底开通,用17个崭新的地铁站把诺雷布罗(Norrebro)和腓特烈堡(Frederiksberg)连接起来。今年还将开通另一条地铁线,使市内交通更加可持续。

39. Richmond, Va.

39. 弗吉尼亚州,里士满

A once-quiet Southern city now shines as a true cultural destination


Richmond, long known as a sleepy capital steeped in Confederate history, has morphed into a dynamic cultural center on the cutting edge of the arts, food and recreation. Within easy driving distance from Washington, D.C., Charlottesville, Va., and Virginia Beach, the city is a magnet for D.C. expats, millennials and college students. The entrance of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, on the newly christened Arthur Ashe Boulevard, features Kehinde Wiley’s massive “Rumors of War” statue, which was designed to challenge the narrative of heroism in a city where Civil War monuments still loom. The Belleville, the city’s first food hall, will open later this year in Scott’s Addition, a longtime industrial neighborhood turned urban hot spot. The food hall will be anchored by The Veil Brewing Co., a popular local craft brewery, along with 18 vendors and three bars. Newer dining standouts include the Spoonbread Bistro, which blends Southern fare with French cuisine, and Parterre, a quaint restaurant offering comfort food at the historic Linden Row Inn. For outdoor enthusiasts, the mighty James River offers challenging Class III and IV whitewater rafting, a rarity within an American city.

里士满长期以来都被认为是一座沉浸在南部联邦历史中的沉睡之都,但如今它已经演变成一个充满活力的文化中心,处在艺术、美食和娱乐的时代前沿。从华盛顿特区、夏洛茨维尔(弗吉尼亚州)和弗吉尼亚海滩开车出发,很轻松就能抵达里士满,这里对华盛顿的外籍人士、千禧一代和大学生十分有吸引力。弗吉尼亚美术博物馆(Virginia Museum of Fine Arts)位于新命名的阿瑟·阿什大道(Arthur Ashe Boulevard)上,入口处矗立着克辛代·威利(Kehinde Wiley)的作品《战争的谣言》(Rumors of War),这座巨型雕塑旨在挑战这座内战纪念碑仍隐约可见的城市的英雄主义叙事。贝尔维尔是里士满的首个美食街,将于今年晚些时候在Scott’s Addition街区开放。美食街将主要由本地人气颇高的手工酿酒厂The Veil Brewing Co.以及18家商贩和3家酒吧组成。较新的出色餐厅包括Spoonbread Bistro酒馆,它将法餐与美国南方风味混合在一起,还有Parterre这家提供慰藉美食的古朴餐厅,位于历史悠久的林登区酒店(Linden Row Inn)内。对户外运动爱好者来说,浩荡的詹姆斯河(James River)上有极具挑战性的III级和IV级极速漂流,在美国城市很罕见。

40. Mount Kenya

40. 肯尼亚山

On a volcanic mountain, wildlife thrives – and glaciers are steadily disappearing


The second-tallest mountain on the African continent, Mount Kenya – a massive, sleeping volcano that last erupted about three million years ago – lies just south of the Equator and dominates the landscape of central Kenya. The mountain is also home to some of the world’s last remaining tropical glaciers. But not for long: A recent assessment found that permanent ice on Mount Kenya could disappear completely before 2030. Now is the time to go. Getting to the mountain’s rocky summit, which tops out at more than 17,000 feet, requires technical climbing skills, but fit, motivated hikers can make the trek to Point Lenana, which, at 16,355 feet, is the ridgeline’s third-highest peak. Over the course of the four- to six-day expedition, hikers travel through a panoply of ecosystems: from tussock grasslands to bamboo forests; from boggy heathlands to the high, wild landscape of the Afro-Alpine zone. Along the way, they might come across elephant tracks in the bamboo, hear hyenas whooping in the night and spot hornbills, sunbirds and hawk-eagles. Hikers either camp or stay in the moderately priced mountain shelters along the route. Guides are strongly recommended, and permits are required; they cost $52 a day for international visitors and can be purchased on arrival at the park.

肯尼亚山——这座上次喷发已是300万年前的巨型休眠火山,乃非洲大陆的第二高山,位于赤道以南,是在肯尼亚中部地区最突出的景观。这座山也是世界上仅存几处热带冰川所在地之一。但它们的存在不会持续太久了:最近一项评估发现,2030年之前,肯尼亚山上的永久冰可能会完全消失。所以现在正是游览的好时机。要登顶17000多英尺高的多岩石山峰,需要专业的攀登技巧,但健康且有动力的徒步旅行者还是可以攀至海拔16355英尺的莱纳纳峰(Point Lenana),这是肯尼亚山脊线上的第三高峰。在四到六天的探险过程中,徒步旅行者将穿越整个生态系统:从丛状草原到竹林;从欧石南丛生的荒野岛到非洲高山地带高远而荒凉的风景。一路上,他们可能会在竹林里遇见大象的踪迹,听到鬣狗在夜里的叫声,看到犀鸟、太阳鸟和鹰。徒步旅行者可以在沿途露营或住在价格适中的山间棚屋。强烈推荐导游带路,需要有通行证;国际游客每天52美元,抵达园区即可购买。
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