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52 Places to Go in 2020(3)

21. Jevnaker, Norway

21. 挪威,耶夫纳克

Twisted architecture is the draw at a sleepy village with a major sculpture park


About 50 miles north of Oslo, Jevnaker is a sleepy village on the southern shore of the Rands Fjord that is also home to one of the largest sculpture parks in northern Europe. Founded by a wealthy Norwegian art collector, Kistefos Museum and Sculpture Park occupies a former wood pulp mill complex that today showcases 46 sculptures from contemporary artists such as Anish Kapoor, Olafur Eliasson and Yayoi Kusama, among many others. What makes it a must-see cultural destination is “The Twist,” a new 15,000-square-foot structure spanning a river in the middle of the sculpture park. Opened in September, the show-stopping bridge was designed by the Bjarke Ingels Group with a streamlined aluminum facade that twists like a stack of cards. Both a bridge and a sculpture in its own right, this topsy-turvy structure will also serve as a gallery space for temporary exhibitions.

耶夫纳克(Jevnaker)是奥斯陆以北约50英里处的一个宁静村庄,位于兰德峡湾(Rands Fjord)南岸,北欧最大的雕塑公园之一就座落在这里。基思特佛斯博物馆和雕塑公园(Kistefos Museum and Sculpture Park)由一位富有的挪威艺术收藏家创办,所在地本是一个木浆厂园区,如今展示了46座当代艺术家的雕塑作品,如阿尼什·卡普尔(Anish Kapoor),奥拉维尔·埃利亚松(Olafur Eliasson)和草间弥生(Yayoi Kusama)等。“扭曲”(The Twist)使这个地方成为必去的文化目的地,它是雕塑公园中央一座1.5万平方英尺的新建跨河建筑。这座令人叹为观止的大桥于9月开放,由BIG(Bjarke Ingels Group)设计,流线型的铝制立面像一打纸牌一样扭曲着。它既是桥梁,本身又是建筑,这种颠倒迷离的结构同时也是一个画廊空间,用于举办临时展览。

22. The Bahamas

22. 巴哈马群岛

Much of a pristine archipelago was untouched by Hurricane Dorian and awaits visitors


The hundreds of islands that make up the Bahamas are so pristine that the astronaut Scott Kelly deemed them Earth’s most easily recognizable place from space – and one of its most beautiful. About 6.6 million people visited the Bahamas in 2018, but in the wake of Hurricane Dorian, the Category 5 monster that slammed into the archipelago in September, that number took a nosedive. Four months later, only Great Abaco remains too damaged to visit; many islands, including the 120-mile-long Exumas chain – home of the famous swimming pigs – were not hit by the storm. And the Bahamas, where close to half the economy depends on tourism, needs visitors’ dollars to shore up critical rebuilding efforts. Grand Bahama Island, which was also hard hit, has already bounced back, with cruise ships once again docking in Freeport and several hotels reopening. In 2020, nonstop flights to Nassau from Denver will begin, opening up the Bahamas to the western United States. In June, one of Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville resorts is scheduled to open in Nassau’s downtown, offering a much-needed injection of energy to the city center nightlife. On New Providence Island, Baha Mar, a 2,300-room luxury resort on Cable Beach, has a new children's center opening in January that will make the destination, which has the largest casino in the region, more family-friendly.

巴哈马群岛由数百个岛屿构成,几乎保持着原始的面貌,因此宇航员斯科特·凯利(Scott Kelly)认为它们是从太空俯瞰地球时最容易辨认的地方——也是地球上最美丽的地方之一。2018年,约660万名游客前往巴哈马群岛,但在9月,5级飓风多里安袭击了这里,随后游客数急剧下降。四个月后,只有大阿巴科岛(Great Abac)仍因严重受损而无法抵达;许多岛屿,包括著名的游泳猪所在的120英里长的埃克苏马岛(Exumas),都没有受到风暴的袭击。巴哈马近一半的经济依赖旅游业,需要游客的钱来支持关键的重建工作。同样遭受重创的大巴哈马岛(Grand Bahama Island)已经恢复生机,游轮再次停靠在自由港(Freeport),几家酒店重新开张。到2020年,从丹佛直飞拿骚的航班将会开通,令巴哈马直通美国西部。今年6月,拿骚市中心将开放一座吉米·巴菲特的玛格丽塔维尔度假村(Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville),为市中心的夜生活注入所急需的活力。在拥有该地区最大赌场的新普罗维登斯岛,凯布尔海滩上拥有2300间客房的豪华度假村巴哈玛(Baha Mar)将于明年1月开设一个儿童中心,令这里更适合全家游览。

23. Kampot, Cambodia

23. 柬埔寨,贡布

A tranquil, riverside escape adds a dedicated food street


Kampot, a laid-back riverside enclave of French colonial buildings, pepper plantations and a giant sculpture of Southeast Asia’s famously pungent fruit, the durian, has long been southern Cambodia’s under-the-radar destination. Getting there in 2020 will be considerably easier: a road-widening project (on the route from the capital, Phnom Penh) is nearing completion, and a new port is opening this spring, with ferries to Phu Quoc in Vietnam and to other islands in the Gulf of Thailand. When you arrive, Kampot’s charms will be amplified, too. The low-slung town center, accented with arches, shutters and colonnades, is adding trendy eateries like the Hotel Old Cinema, a recent remake of an Art Deco theater. And on the promenade along the Praek Tuek Chhu River — picture-perfect for sunsets and the launching point for neon party boats and firefly tours — a new food street is opening, with dozens of local cooks setting up stalls each night. Fairs with handicrafts, live music and carts piled with trays of fried bugs are popping up almost monthly. For the best perspective, head up nearby Bokor Mountain, a former colonial hill station with waterfalls, an elaborate Buddhist temple and an abandoned stone church overlooking forests and the sea.

惬意的河边城市贡布(Kampot)拥有法国殖民时期建筑、胡椒种植园和东南亚臭名昭著的水果榴莲的巨型雕塑,长期以来是柬埔寨南部未引起注意的目的地。到2020年,到达那里将会变得相对容易:一项道路拓宽工程(从首都金边出发)即将完成,一个新的港口将于今年春天开放,将有前往越南富国岛和其他暹罗湾内岛屿的渡轮。当你到达那里的时候,贡布的魅力也增加了。市中心带有拱门、百叶窗和柱廊等元素的低矮建筑,加入了时尚的餐馆,例如最近翻新的装饰艺术风格的老影院酒店(Hotel Old Cinema)。沿着芭塔丘河(Praek Tuek Chhu)岸边散步——日落的镜头堪称完美,还有霓虹派对船和萤火虫观光——一个新的美食街开放了,每晚有几十个当地厨师在那里设立了摊位。每月都有集会,有手工艺品、现场音乐和装满一盘盘炸昆虫的小车。要找最佳的观看角度,就要去附近的波哥山(Bokor Mountain),这是一个前殖民地时期的山岗车站,有瀑布、一座精致的佛教寺庙和一座俯瞰森林和大海的弃置石头教堂。

24. Christchurch, New Zealand

24. 新西兰,基督城

An earthquake and a terrorist attack turn a city into a global symbol of resilience


Ten years after the 2010 Canterbury earthquake, and not quite a year after the March 2019 terrorist attack on two mosques, Christchurch, where 23 million New Zealand dollars (about $15 million) has been raised to support the Muslim community, continues to prove itself as a global symbol of resilience. While earthquake destruction remains visible, downtown has been animated by recent building and restoration, including the Turanga, or Central Library, designed in modernist style by the Danish firm Schmidt Hammer Lassen. Expected to open this year, the nearby Puari Village, a Maori cultural center, will offer exhibitions, Maori food and waka (canoe) tours on the Avon River. The new Riverside Market offers produce and prepared food from the surrounding Canterbury region, the breadbasket of New Zealand, in 40 stalls adjacent to a lane of new boutiques. Besides a strong public art program, which has installed sculptures across the city, recent highlights include the food hall Little High Eatery, its neighboring wine bar Not Without You, and Eco Villa, an eight-room inn reconstructed from a 1910-vintage, earthquake-damaged house across the street from the architect Shigeru Ban’s Cardboard Cathedral. Christchurch will also soon be easier to reach: American Airlines recently announced direct service from Los Angeles beginning in fall 2020.

2010年的坎特伯雷地震已经过去十年,而距离2019年3月两座清真寺遭受恐怖袭击还不到一年,基督城就筹集了2300万新西兰元(约合1亿人民币)来支持穆斯林社区,继续证明自己是举世闻名的坚韧象征。虽然地震造成的破坏依然可见,但近来的建设和修复让市中心恢复了生机,包括由丹麦企业施密特·哈默·拉森建筑事务所(Schmidt Hammer Lassen)设计的现代主义风格的中央图书馆“Turanga”。附近的普艾瑞村(Puari Village)是一个预计将于今年开放的毛利文化中心,这里将提供展览、毛利美食和埃旺河上的“waka”(独木舟)之旅。新的河畔市场有40个摊位,毗邻一条新店林立的小巷,出售坎特伯雷周边地区的农产品和熟食,那里是新西兰的粮仓。除开一个在全市布置雕塑作品的一个强大公共艺术项目,这里最近的亮点还包括美食馆Little High Eatery、隔壁的Not Without You酒吧,以及生态别墅(Eco Villa),这是一家有八间客房的小旅馆,由一栋1910年兴建、后被地震损坏的老房子改建,就在坂茂(Shigeru Ban)设计的硬纸板教堂对街。基督城也将很快变得更容易抵达:美国航空公司最近宣布,从2020年秋季开始将在洛杉矶开辟直飞航线。

25. Asturias, Spain

25. 西班牙,阿斯图里亚斯

An under-the-radar retreat for Spaniards to embrace nature and get away from it all


With emerald hillsides dropping down to sapphire seas lapping crescent-shaped beaches, Asturias has long been the summer refuge of Spaniards who shun the masses crowding Mediterranean shores. Today the region that launched the Reconquista of Spain starting in the eighth century is known for abundant hospitality, but doesn’t get much attention from abroad, perhaps because of its rainy reputation. More visitors are inevitable by 2021, once Spain’s high-speed AVE rail system crosses the Picos de Europa mountains, making the province easier to reach from Madrid and other parts of Spain. Visitors will find hiking and cycling routes like the Bear's Trail and the Cares Gorge; Spain's oldest national park; ancient Celtic hilltop settlements known as Castros; Roman gold mines; and a cultural center designed by Oscar Niemeyer. Now, about that famous hospitality: Asturias is known as Spain's dairyland, so it's only fitting that its capital, Oviedo, is the 2020 Capital of Cheese. If you want to combine ecotourism with high-end gastronomy, check out the PuebloAstur Hotel. For traditional fare, try El Llar de Viri; the best of surf and turf is at Michelin-starred Casa Marcial, or newcomers Güeyu Mar and Gunea. The only complaint visitors have is that they ate too much.

翠绿的山坡俯瞰着蔚蓝的大海,海浪拍打月牙形的海滩,阿斯图里亚斯一直是西班牙人的避暑胜地,在这里可以避开地中海沿岸拥挤的人群。8世纪西班牙的复国运动就是发源于这个地区,如今它以热情好客而闻名,但却没有受到外国游客的太多关注,也许是因为它有多雨的名声。到2021年,西班牙的AVE高速铁路系统会穿过欧罗巴山脉,令马德里和西班牙其他地区同这里的交通更加方便,届时必然会有更多游客前来。游客可以在这里找到徒步旅行和骑自行车的路线,诸如“熊的步道”(Bear's Trail)和凯尔斯峡谷(Cares Gorge);还有西班牙最早的国家公园;名为卡斯特罗斯(Castros)的古凯尔特人山顶定居点;罗马金矿;奥斯卡·尼迈耶(Oscar Niemeyer)设计的文化中心。这里的热情好客、环境宜人是出了名的:阿斯图里亚斯被称为西班牙的奶牛场,它的首府奥维耶多成为2020年的“奶酪之都”可谓实至名归。如果你想把生态旅游和高端美食结合起来,那就去PuebloAstur酒店吧。想品尝传统美食,可以去El Llar de Viri试试看;米其林星级的Casa Marcial拥有最好的海陆大餐,新餐厅Güeyu Mar和Gunea也值得尝试。游客们唯一的抱怨就是他们总是吃得太多了。

26. Haida Gwaii, British Columbia

26. 不列颠哥伦比亚省,海达瓜依群岛

A remote group of islands celebrates its First Nations heritage. You can, too


On this isolated archipelago off the coast of British Columbia, you’ll see more bald eagles than people on hiking trails and experience powerful Indigenous sites in near solitude. That’s by design: The Haida First Nations who live here fiercely protect their natural and cultural resources with sustainable, small-group tourism. Visitors are rewarded with a deep connection to place and people, especially at SGang Gwaay (Ninstints), an extraordinary UNESCO site in Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve accessible only by boat. Here, Haida descendants called Watchmen take a maximum of 12 people at a time into an abandoned 19th-century Haida village whose memorial poles and cedar longhouses are being slowly reclaimed by the earth. Getting there is equally memorable: Haida-owned Haida Style Expeditions runs daylong Zodiac tours with whale watching enroute; Inland Air organizes splurge-worthy floatplane-and-Zodiac combo trips. In June 2020, Intrepid Travel will launch its first Haida Gwaii Islands Expedition, an eight-day trip from mainland British Columbia with four nights in Haida Gwaii and a Watchmen-led visit to K’uuna Llnagaay (Skedans), another deserted village with Haida poles overgrown by moss and grass. Alternatively, the Haida House offers immersive three- to seven-night packages led throughout by Haida guides; clan matriarchs teach onsite weaving classes.

在这个远离不列颠哥伦比亚省海岸线的隔绝群岛上,山路间的秃鹰比游客都多,你可以在这里体验遗世独立之地的震撼土著文化。这是有意为之:居住在这里的海达原住民有力保护了他们的自然和文化资源,发展可持续的小群体旅游。与地方和人的深刻连结则成为对游客的嘉奖,特别是在SGang Gwaay(尼斯亭斯),这是位于瓜伊哈纳斯国家公园保护区(Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve)的一个不同寻常的联合国教科文组织遗址,只有乘船才能到达。在这里,被称为”守望者”(Watchmen)的海达后裔一次最多可带12人进入一座19世纪的废弃村庄,村里的纪念柱和雪松长屋正慢慢重归尘土。抵达这里的方式也同样令人难忘:本土企业海达风格探险(Haida Style Expeditions)运营了一条充气船一日游路线,途中可观赏鲸鱼;内陆航空(Inland Air)也设有超值的水上飞机+充气船旅行套餐。2020年6月,无畏旅游(Intrepid Travel)将启动首次“海达瓜依群岛探险”(Haida Gwaii Islands Expedition),从不列颠哥伦比亚省出发,历时八天,在海达瓜伊逗留四晚,并在“守望者”带领下前往另一个荒凉村庄——K’uuna Llnagaay(斯基丹斯),那里的海达族纪念柱长满了苔藓和野草。另外,海达之家(Haida House)还提供沉浸式的三到七晚旅游套餐,全程由海达导游带领;部落的女族长们会在现场教授编织课程。

27. Austin, Texas

27. 德克萨斯,奥斯汀

Whether you seek art, music or food, chill evenings are everywhere


It’s no surprise that your friends and friends of friends have been talking for years about Austin, where a buoyant economy and an intellectual hub are packaged in an aesthetic of cowboy patina and broken-in leather. This year, as a blue capital in a red state, Austin will play an important role in the presidential election. But politics aside, the major draws are in the art, music and food scenes. Dive into Austin City Limits and South by Southwest, yes, but don't miss the East Side's art galleries, either. And options for chill evenings outside are everywhere, from sampling churros at the food truck park The Picnic and sour brews at Jester King Brewery to canoeing around Lady Bird Lake (through the skyline's reflection) and gorging at Franklin Barbecue downtown. Austin is an explore-at-your-pace kind of place, which is why so many people get stuck, even those who once rolled their eyes at Austin believers. You can resist Austin, sure. But why would you, when the music, the art, the outdoors and the breakfast tacos – at Tacodeli, particularly – are so mind-blowingly good?

多年来你的朋友和你朋友的朋友一直在谈论奥斯汀,这一点也不奇怪。在奥斯汀,蓬勃发展的经济和文化枢纽被包装在一种牛仔风和破旧皮革的美感之中。今年,作为一个红州的蓝首府,奥斯汀将在总统大选中扮演重要角色。但撇开政治不谈,这里最吸引人的还是艺术、音乐和美食。好好享受Austin City Limits音乐节和西南偏南(South by Southwest)艺术节,没错,也别错过东城的艺术画廊。夜晚放松身心的室外选择无处不在,从在餐车公园The Picnic试吃西班牙油条,去杰斯特国王啤酒厂(Jester King Brewery)品尝酸啤酒,(穿过天际线的倒影)泛舟于小瓢虫湖(Lady Bird Lake)之上,再到去市中心的富兰克林烧烤餐厅(Franklin Barbecue)大快朵颐。奥斯汀是一个让你以自己的节奏去探索的地方,这就是为什么那么多人都流连忘返的原因,即使他们曾经对奥斯汀信徒们不屑一顾。你当然可以抵抗奥斯汀的诱惑。但当音乐、艺术、户外活动和早餐塔可饼——特别是Tacodeli家的——都那么棒的时候,为什么还要这么做呢?

28. Sabah, Malaysia

28. 马来西亚,沙巴州

Primeval forests with endangered orangutans in a land off the tourist map


The most compelling reason to visit this biodiversity hotspot on the island of Borneo is to help preserve it. Every year, thousands of acres of pristine rainforest are burned down to make way for new palm oil plantations, but tourism could provide an incentive to protect these primeval jungles. Perched in the northeast corner of Borneo, and with multiple airports, the Malaysian state of Sabah offers diverse experiences while still being largely off the tourist map. Adrenaline junkies can climb Mount Kinabalu and go diving with sharks off the Semporna coast. Beach lovers should head to Gaya Island, a short ferry ride from the capital of Kota Kinabalu. The Gaya Island Resort has its own coral reef, marine center (and marine biologist) and stunning, sandy coves. But Sabah’s biggest draw is the chance to see endangered orangutans in the wild. Cruise along the Kinabatangan River in small boats to glimpse the apes, as well as pygmy elephants, crocodiles and proboscis monkeys. Or head to the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Center, which has been rescuing orphaned orangutans from forest fires and poachers since 1964. The 60-odd resident orangutans come out of the reserve forest during daily feeding times.

游览婆罗洲岛上这个生物多样的热门景点最令人信服的理由,就是你可以为它的保护出一份力。每年,成千上万英亩的原始雨林被烧毁,只为新的棕榈油种植园让路,但发展旅游可以成为保护这些原始丛林的动机。马来西亚的沙巴州可提供多样化的游览体验,它坐落在婆罗洲的东北角,拥有多个机场,但仍在很大程度上未被列入旅游地图。肾上腺素上瘾者可以攀登京那巴鲁山,去仙本那和鲨鱼一起潜水。海滩爱好者则应前往加亚岛(Gaya Island),从沙巴州首府哥打基纳巴卢港乘坐短途渡轮即可到达。加亚岛度假村(The Gaya Island Resort)有自己的珊瑚礁、海洋中心(和海洋生物学家)以及令人惊叹的沙湾。但沙巴州最吸引人之处,在于游客有机会在野外看到濒临灭绝的红毛猩猩。乘坐小船在京那巴当岸河(Kinabatangan River)上游览,可以观赏到猿猴、侏儒象、鳄鱼和长鼻猴。或者去西必洛红毛猩猩庇护中心(Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Center)参观,自1964年以来,该中心一直致力于从森林火灾和盗猎者手中营救失去双亲的红毛猩猩。生活在这里的60多只红毛猩猩会在每天的进食时间从保护林区走出来。

29. Churchill, Manitoba

29. 加拿大马尼托巴省,丘吉尔镇

The Polar Bear Capital of the World, again accessible by train, confronts climate change


Via Rail’s 1,000-mile route from Winnipeg north to Churchill, Manitoba, was out of commission for 18 months following flooding in 2017. This starved the town, best known for polar bear viewing, of vital supplies and affordable transportation. Fewer visitors resulted in layoffs as businesses contracted to stay afloat. Now, with the train recently restored to service, Churchill is getting back on its feet. In addition to touring with pricey safari operators such as Churchill Wild, visitors can sign up for affordable citizen-scientist outings with Churchill Northern Studies Center. The conservation group Polar Bears International, which recently opened a new interpretive center in town, says that since the 1980s, the polar bear population of western Hudson Bay, where Churchill is, has shrunk by 30 percent, a result of global warming and the decline of sea ice that the bears depend on to access the seals they prey upon. As Churchill manages both the threat and the opportunity of climate change, it is carefully straddling industrial development – it has the only deepwater port in the Canadian Arctic – and scientific research; as the Churchill Marine Observatory, devoted to studying the effects of oil spills on sea ice, is set to open in fall 2020.

从温尼伯(马尼托巴首府)向北到丘吉尔镇的1000英里维亚铁路(Via Rail)在2017年的洪水后停运了18个月。这座以观赏北极熊而闻名的小镇因此而缺乏重要的生活物资和廉价的交通工具。游客数量减少,企业为了生存进行了裁员。如今,随着最近铁路的重新开通,丘吉尔也可以重新站起来了。除了选择野生丘吉尔(Churchill Wild)这类收费昂贵的游猎经营商之外,游客还可以报名参加更实惠的由丘吉尔北方研究中心(Churchill Northern Studies Center)推出的公民-科学家之旅。环境保护组织北极熊国际(Polar Bears International)最近在这里新开了一家解说中心,他们称自1980年代以来,丘吉尔镇所在的哈德逊湾以西地区的北极熊数量减少了30%,这是全球变暖和海冰减少的结果,北极熊要靠海冰还捕食海豹。在应对气候变化的威胁和机遇的同时,拥有加拿大北极区唯一深水港的丘吉尔还谨慎跨越了工业发展和科学研究两界;计划于2020年秋开放的丘吉尔海洋观测站(Churchill Marine Observatory),就致力于研究石油泄漏对海冰的影响。

30. Uganda

30. 乌干达

A primate capital and birder’s paradise becomes more accessible


Landlocked in east-central Africa, Uganda has long been in the shadow of Kenya, Tanzania and other countries more popular with visitors on safari. But the “Pearl of Africa,” with its own rich wildlife, is set to become more accessible, thanks to the resurrection last summer of the country’s national carrier, Uganda Airlines. Uganda is one of the world’s primate capitals, with 15 species (four of which are endangered) and the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park, a renowned mountain gorilla sanctuary. The UNESCO World Heritage Site, in southwestern Uganda, is home to roughly half the world’s mountain gorillas. The park’s gorilla-trekking safaris limit contact to eight visitors per gorilla group per day, and proceeds from their trekking permits go toward conservation efforts and protecting the animals from poachers. The dense forest mountain park, which ranges in elevation between 3,810 feet and 8,880 feet, also features a scenic waterfall trail framed by ancient ferns and wild orchids, and is a birder’s paradise, with 350 species of forest birds.

乌干达地处非洲中东部的内陆,长期以来一直处于肯尼亚、坦桑尼亚和其他更受游猎者欢迎的国家的阴影之下。但由于乌干达国家航空公司(Uganda Airlines)在去年夏天的复兴,这颗拥有丰富野生动植物的“非洲明珠”将变得更容易抵达。乌干达是世界上灵长类动物的聚居地之一,有15个物种(其中4个濒临灭绝)和著名的山地大猩猩保护区布温迪密林国家公园(Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park)。这一联合国教科文组织世界遗产位于乌干达西南部,是世界上大约一半的山地大猩猩的家园。园中的大猩猩徒步参观之旅限制每个大猩猩群体每天只能接触8名游客,而这些徒步许可所得将用于保护工作,防止动物受到偷猎者伤害。茂密的山林公园海拔在3810英尺到8880英尺之间,其中还有一条由古老蕨类植物和野生兰花组成的瀑布小径,此处是鸟类的天堂,拥有350种森林鸟类。
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