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Rich Accessories, in More Ways Than One

MILAN — Purses so precious that they are trimmed with genuine precious stones and shoes dripping in decoration have taken accessories to another level — artistically and in price.


The jewel in the crown may be Valextra’s collaboration with Jaeger-LeCoultre — putting a watch (detachable by two interior clips) as a decorative and useful addition to a handbag.


This idea of transformation and addition is very much in the Valextra sprit, where narrow chains offer the alternative of dangling a handbag from the shoulder. The message here is of a super lightness that makes the box-shaped zippered bags a treasure for a modern woman.


Ironically, the invention of the purse/watch hybrid comes at a moment when a younger generation often abandons an everyday watch for the cellphone timekeeper. But with this version, there will be no scrabbling around interior pockets for the phone as the watch face is on the outside.


Bulgari, as befits a jewelry house, has made its accessory offering rich — in numbers and in quality. The collection of bags put together in the name of Isabella Rossellini, the house “mascot,” is beyond price, because the craftsmanship of the Italian artisans aims to take the purses up to the level of fine jewelry.

宝格丽(Bulgari)推出的配饰样式丰富,价格昂贵——对这个以珠宝起家的公司来说,这很合适。这一系列的手包以公司的“福星”——伊莎贝拉·罗西里尼(Isabella Rossellini)——命名,价格非常昂贵,因为意大利技师们意在以高超的工艺把手包的价格提升到上等珠宝的水平。

For example, a pattern of ginko leaves takes 72 hours of handwork, while topaz, amethyst and jade are worked into a clasp.


A high-end handbag at the couture level, therefore, includes the “basic” skin (read: alligator or python). Then there is the treatment of the leather, like intarsia weaving of mother of pearl with gold or snakeskin worked like the spine of a fish. Then comes the jeweled clasp or handle. The price — according to the materials used — is from €3,000, or about $3,900, but think ever upward.


At Jimmy Choo, the new creative directors Sandra Choi and Simon Holloway had a Gypsy spirit — or, as they described it — a “tassel obsession.”

周仰杰(Jimmy Choo)的新创意总监桑德拉·崔(Sandra Choi)和西蒙·霍洛威(Simon Holloway)有点吉普赛精神——或者像他们所说的——“痴迷于流苏”。

The concept of a magpie collector came out as tassels and other treasures in vivid colors, dangling like decoration from a sand brown satchel bag — or the same decorative ideas on high-heeled snake shoes.


Taking Art Deco as one of several ideas, the designers set that early 20th-century streamlining against a vision that belongs to the new millennium: digital flower patterns transforming a bag into a computer-created Garden of Eden.

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