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What We Know About the Fatal Shooting on Alec Baldwin’s New Mexico Movie Set

The authorities in Santa Fe County, N.M., are investigating what happened on the set of “Rust” when the actor Alec Baldwin killed the film’s cinematographer and wounded its director by firing a gun that was being used as a prop.

新墨西哥州圣达菲县当局正在调查《锈烂》(Rust)拍摄现场发生的事——演员亚历克·鲍德温(Alec Baldwin)用道具枪射杀了该片摄影师并伤及导演。

Details have begun to trickle out with the release of a detective’s affidavit, the audio of a 911 call made immediately after Thursday’s shooting, and public statements from some of the people involved. But much remains unclear, including the essential question: How did a gun that contained a fatal projectile get into the hands of an actor who believed it was safe, when an array of safeguards should have made that impossible?



Here is an overview of what we know, and what we don’t know, as of Sunday morning.


What we know


• The shooting happened during a rehearsal for a scene in “Rust.” Mr. Baldwin fired the gun, striking the cinematographer, Halyna Hutchins, in the chest and the director, Joel Souza, in the shoulder. Ms. Hutchins, 42, was airlifted to a hospital in Albuquerque, where she died. Mr. Souza, 48, was taken by ambulance to a hospital in Santa Fe and was released on Friday.

 • 枪击事件发生在《锈烂》一场戏的排练过程中。鲍德温开了枪,击中了摄影师哈里娜·哈钦斯(Halyna Hutchins)的胸部,以及导演乔尔·苏扎(Joel Souza)的肩部。42岁的哈钦斯被空运到阿尔伯克基的一家医院,在那里去世。48岁的苏扎被救护车送往圣达菲一家医院,并于周五出院。

• Mr. Baldwin has cooperated with the investigation, including going to the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office after the shooting to provide a statement and answer questions. No criminal charges have been filed against him or anyone else.

 • 鲍德温配合了调查,包括在枪击事件发生后前往圣达菲县治安官办公室提供一份声明并回答问题。目前还没有针对他或其他人的刑事指控。

• The Sheriff’s Office has obtained a warrant to search the building where the shooting happened, examine the gun for biological evidence and review video footage from the film cameras and other recordings. A spokesman for the office said he expected more information to be available next week.

 • 治安官办公室已获得搜查令,以调查枪击发生地建筑物,检查枪支的生物证据,并查看摄影机和其他记录下来的视频片段。该办公室的一位发言人表示,他预计下周将公布更多信息。

• In an affidavit accompanying the office’s request for a warrant, Detective Joel Cano said that an assistant director on the set had taken the gun off a cart — where it had been placed by the film’s armorer, or weapons handler — and handed it to Mr. Baldwin, who pulled the trigger shortly thereafter. According to the affidavit, the assistant director called out the words “cold gun,” indicating that it was unloaded and safe for Mr. Baldwin to handle.

 • 警探乔尔·卡诺(Joel Cano)在该办公室申请搜查令的一份宣誓证词中说,片场的一名助理导演从一个推车上取下枪——枪是由剧组的枪械师或武器管理员放在那里的——递给不久后扣动了扳机的鲍德温。根据证词,助理导演喊了“冷枪”,这个词表明枪内没有子弹,鲍德温可以安全操作。

• Days earlier, a handful of crew members had walked off the set over general working conditions, according to several people involved in the production and a theatrical union official. Crew members had complained to producers about long workdays — often exceeding 13 hours — and delayed paychecks. Some also said the production company had failed to book hotel rooms near the set, meaning that they had to drive about an hour to their homes after long, physically demanding days.

 • 据几名参与制片的人士和电影工会的一名官员称,几天前,几名剧组人员因工作条件问题离开片场。工作人员曾向制片人抱怨工作时间过长——经常超过13个小时——以及拖欠工资。一些人还说,制作公司没有在片场附近预定酒店房间,这意味着他们不得不在漫长疲惫的一天后开车大约一个小时回家。

• In a statement released on Friday, Mr. Baldwin called the shooting a “tragic accident” and said he had been in touch with Ms. Hutchins’s husband to offer his support. “There are no words to convey my shock and sadness regarding the tragic accident that took the life of Halyna Hutchins, a wife, mother and deeply admired colleague of ours,” he wrote on Twitter, adding, “My heart is broken for her husband, their son, and all who knew and loved Halyna.”

 • 在周五发布的声明中,鲍德温称枪击事件是“不幸的意外”,并表示他一直与哈钦斯的丈夫保持联系,提供支持。“对于夺走哈里娜·哈钦斯生命的不幸意外,我无法用言语表达我的震惊和悲伤,她是一位妻子、一位母亲,是大家深为钦佩的同事,”他在Twitter上写道。“我为她的丈夫、他们的儿子以及所有认识和热爱哈里娜的人感到心碎。”

• There were at least two accidental gun discharges on the set on Oct. 16, days before the fatal shooting, according to three former members of the film’s crew. The discharges occurred inside a cabin used as a set location, and Ms. Hutchins was among the production team members inside, the former crew members said. The discharges prompted a complaint to a supervisor about the safety practices on the set.

 • 据三名前剧组成员称,10月16日,也就是致命枪击案发生几天前,片场至少发生了两次意外枪击事件。这些前成员说,枪击发生在一个被用作拍摄场地的小屋内,哈钦斯当时是屋内的摄制组成员。该事件令人们向一名主管就片场安全措施提出了投诉。

What we don’t know


• What type of projectile the gun contained. We do not know whether it was live ammunition, a blank (meaning a cartridge without a bullet, but with gunpowder and wadding that can sometimes be ejected forcefully enough to kill) or something else.

 • 这把枪里装的是什么类型的发射物。我们不知枪内是实弹还是空包弹(指没有弹头的弹药,但其中有火药和填充物,有时可以有力地射出,足以致命)抑或是其他东西。

• Who loaded the gun, and who was responsible for the false conclusion that it wasn’t loaded. We know from the Sheriff’s Office affidavit that the assistant director called it a “cold gun” when handing it to Mr. Baldwin, but we do not know whether he made that assessment personally or whether he received bad information from someone else.

 • 是谁给枪上的膛,谁应该为没有上膛的错误结论负责。我们从治安官办公室的证词中得知,助理导演把枪交给鲍德温时,称它是“冷枪”,但我们不知道他是亲自做出的评估,还是从其他人那里得到了错误的信息。

• How the protocols that are supposed to prevent firearm deaths and injuries on film sets failed.

 • 本应在电影拍摄现场防止枪支伤亡的措施为何会失效。
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