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Is Ivanka Trump Going to Change Anyone’s Mind?

On night four of the Republican National Convention, viewers knew her as “The Honorable Ivanka Trump.”


The title was a nod to her senior role in the White House (though official titular etiquette is somewhat unclear). The speaking gig was not. While the White House insisted she was appearing “on her own time,” and only in her capacity as President Trump’s eldest daughter, Ms. Trump introduced the president on Thursday evening before he addressed the convention from the White House lawn, an overtly political use of federal property and potential violation of the Hatch Act.

这一头衔体现的是她的白宫高级职位(尽管正式的头衔礼仪还不太明确)。但演讲环节却不是。尽管白宫坚称她是“利用私人时间”出场,并仅以特朗普总统大女儿的身份,但特朗普女士于周四晚上介绍总统,随后他在白宫草坪上向大会致辞,此举是将联邦财产公开用于政治,可能违反《哈奇法案》(Hatch Act)。


For Ms. Trump, who has spent the past few years shifting between her dual roles as first daughter and senior adviser, these are little more than details.


It is in many ways a fitting framework for Ms. Trump’s appearance, underscoring the extent to which Ms. Trump has unabashedly embraced the blending between personal, political and governmental that have defined her father’s approach to politics almost as much as the divisiveness his brand thrives on.


Ms. Trump’s perceived distance from that part of his brand was once her greatest asset. Her 2016 convention appearance, for example, was intended in large part to reach suburban women. The campaign believed they might see the president’s eldest daughter as a more centrist and professional counterpart to a firebrand candidate with a history of misogynistic behavior. And ahead of Thursday, as the penultimate act of a convention that has already been tailored in large part to such women, aides are hopeful she can reach the same audience and communicate a similar appeal.


In 2016, Ms. Trump was one of the campaign’s most requested surrogates, her cosmopolitan affect and apolitical rhetoric serving as a balm of sorts for women who might have been drawn to the idea of a businessman in the White House but would never be caught dead chanting “Build the wall!” Yet she kept a light footprint on the trail.


Now, however, she is eager to do more for her father’s re-election bid, fully embracing an explicitly political role. For Mr. Trump’s campaign, the question is whether Ms. Trump’s transformation will complicate her pitch to moderate Republicans and swing voters who once liked that she seemed to be more of a check than a rubber stamp on her father’s agenda.


“When voters look at Ivanka in and of herself and the issues she focuses on, they generally have a positive response to her,” said Lorna Romero, a G.O.P. strategist in Arizona, where the president’s chances in November likely hinge on moderate Republican women, many of whom have felt alienated from the party under Mr. Trump.

“当选民看到伊万卡本人,听她描述自己和她所关注的问题,他们的反响通常是正面的,”亚利桑那州的共和党策略师罗娜·罗梅罗(Lorna Romero)说,该州温和派共和党女性选民可能将决定总统在11月的成败,她们中的许多人感到自己与特朗普领导下的共和党格格不入。

“Four years later, they recognize how, not just as his daughter, but as his senior adviser, she is going along with the president’s rhetoric and policies they’re not supportive of,” she went on. “It’s a more conflicted opinion.”


When Ms. Trump made her political debut in 2016, voters who only knew her name from “The Apprentice” or from a rack of accessibly priced sheath dresses at Macy’s were subtly encouraged by the campaign to see in her a moderating influence. While her father was toying with a Muslim travel ban, or suggesting that Russian officials look into Hillary Clinton’s emails, Ms. Trump was discussing the punishing cost of child care and her passion for women’s issues in the pages of Harper’s Bazaar.

但特朗普女士在2016年首次亮相政治舞台时,那些只从《学徒》(The Apprentice)或梅西百货的平价紧身连衣裙货架上知道她名字的选民,被竞选活动巧妙地鼓动,在她身上看到了温和的影响力。虽然她的父亲正在考虑一项穆斯林旅行禁令,或是在建议俄罗斯官员调查希拉里·克林顿(Hillary Clinton)的电子邮件,特朗普女士却在《时尚芭莎》上谈论养育儿女的沉重代价,以及她对女性议题的热情。

The campaign was confident that women might see her silence on the most controversial elements of her father’s campaign as daughterly deference to the tactics needed to win an election, rather than tacit approval.


Ms. Trump now has the burden of the incumbency, nearly four years by which voters may judge whether the original cornerstones of her appeal — a moderating effect, a stated commitment to a more progressive agenda on issues like climate change — have in fact borne out.


In March 2017, “Saturday Night Live” aired a sketch that called her “complicit” in the administration’s early actions, such as a Muslim travel ban, and since then Ms. Trump has complained privately about the “moderating influence” moniker, arguing it was an image foisted upon her by others that never reflected her own views. This is in many ways accurate: At no point in her father’s 2016 campaign did Ms. Trump suggest she was against, say, building a wall along the Southern border, “locking up” his opponent or any other element at the core of his candidacy.

2017年3月,《周六夜现场》(Saturday Night Live)播出了一段小品,称她是政府的早期举措(比如穆斯林禁令)的“参与者”,那之后,她曾在私下抱怨这个“缓和性影响”的名号,称这是别人强加给她的形象,从来不能反映她自己的观点。这种说法很多方面都是准确的:在她父亲2016年的竞选中,特朗普女士从未暗示自己反对诸如在南部边境修墙、把他的对手关进监狱,或是他竞选的任何其他核心要素。

Whether this softer public image was accurate or not, it is also true that early on in her White House tenure, Ms. Trump cared a great deal about protecting it. She made clear her support of the Paris climate accord and her attempts to prevent her father from withdrawing from the pact, which were ultimately unsuccessful. Coverage of the first daughter often included anonymous quotes — from people described as close to the family and familiar with her thoughts — revealing her disapproval of whatever firestorm had just engulfed the West Wing.


At a certain point, however, Ms. Trump seemed to tire of maintaining the pretense of being a responsible stewardess of taxpayer dollars. If her constructed identity was meant to keep suburban women with the president, the midterm elections in 2018 showed it wasn’t working.


With that clear, she appeared to change her own behavior, becoming more comfortable publicly embracing what proximity to the leader of the free world had to offer: hobnobbing with foreign leaders during high-profile trips overseas, joining her father for a historic exchange with the North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un in the Demilitarized Zone. For many of those ventures, even Ms. Trump herself may have struggled to articulate why her presence was necessary, how her portfolio of women’s economic empowerment bore relevance. But she increasingly felt less obligated to try. (On that June day in Seoul, she told reporters that “women will play an enormous role” in ushering in “peace” for the peninsula.)


“She is certainly an unconventional first daughter,” said Douglas Brinkley, a presidential historian at Rice University. “She seems to have endless access to anything and everything that goes on in the White House — she’s actually serving in many ways as a second first lady. We’ve never had that before.”

“她当然是一位非常规的第一女儿,”莱斯大学(Rice University)的总统历史学家道格拉斯·布林克利(Douglas Brinkley)说。“她似乎可以不受阻拦地参与到白宫中发生的一切——她实际上在很多方面扮演着第二位第一夫人的角色。我们以前从未有过这种情况。”

On a policy front, despite early setbacks, Ms. Trump has notched victories such as increasing the child tax credit as part of the president’s tax cuts in 2017. She has also rallied many Republicans behind the goal of passing paid family leave legislation, a topic that before Mr. Trump’s tenure rarely gained momentum in G.O.P. circles.


But any strides she has made as a bipartisan convener have at times been overshadowed by her increasing willingness to enter the political fray, an arena she was once content to let the rest of her family, especially her brother Donald Trump Jr., navigate without her.

但她作为两党召集人所取得的任何进展,有时都因她越来越愿意参与政治斗争而黯然失色,原本她曾满足于让其他家人——特别是他的哥哥小唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump Jr.)——投身其中,不用带上她自己。

Earlier this year, she embarked on a more active role in her father’s re-election bid. She attended the Conservative Political Action Conference, an annual gathering of conservative activists, and went on to schedule multicity fund-raising swings, relishing in her ability, as she put it, to raise “record-shattering” amounts for the campaign.

今年早些时候,她开始在她父亲的连任竞选中发挥更积极的作用。她参加了保守派活动人士的年度聚会——保守派政治行动会议(Conservative Political Action Conference),接着安排了在多个城市的筹款活动,用她自己的话说,她很“享受”自己为竞选筹集到“破纪录”资金的能力。

She now frequently uses her Twitter feed to defend her father, a stark contrast from the posed family photos and occasional policy thoughts she once shared. In October 2019, as the House moved forward with impeachment proceedings against her father, Ms. Trump shared a Thomas Jefferson quote about the “enemies and spies” among his political opposition. In July, she tweeted a photo of herself holding a can of Goya beans, praising the brand after its C.E.O.’s support for the president sparked calls for a boycott.

她现在经常在Twitter上为父亲辩护,这与她曾经分享的摆拍家庭照片和偶尔出现的政策观点形成了鲜明对比。2019年10月,当众议院推进弹劾她父亲的程序时,特朗普女士分享了托马斯·杰斐逊(Thomas Jefferson)关于政治对手中“敌人和间谍”的话。7月,她发了一张自己拿着一罐歌雅(Goya)豆子的照片,并称赞了该品牌,此前歌雅CEO对总统的支持引发了抵制该品牌的呼声。

In introducing her father on Thursday, Ms. Trump sounded many of the same notes as she did in 2016, reassuring voters of the president’s commitment to helping working families, as well as her own dedication to women’s empowerment and the kitchen-table issues that transcend party lines.


This time, she will leave no doubt about the precise nature of her political identity, and to what extent it aligns with her father’s. As she officially announced earlier this year, Ms. Trump is now a “proud Trump Republican.”

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