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Recent Accidents on TV and Movie Sets

Behind the magic of movies and television are actors and props, crew members, stunt performers and a sometimes dangerous set of circumstances for the people filming scenes.


On Thursday, the potential danger on some sets made news around the world, after the actor Alec Baldwin discharged a gun that was used as a prop on the set of a western in New Mexico, killing the film’s director of photography and wounding the movie’s director.

上周四,一些片厂存在的潜在危险成了传遍世界的新闻,演员亚历克·鲍德温(Alec Baldwin)在新墨西哥州拍摄一部西部片时击发了一把道具枪,导致影片摄影导演丧生,导演负伤。


The authorities said the shooting took place in the middle of a scene that was either being rehearsed or filmed. Many other details of what happened remained unclear on Friday.


Accidents on movie and television sets, like stuntmen and stuntwomen being injured during action sequences or actors getting killed when props malfunction, have occurred with some regularity over the last several decades. There have been at least 194 serious television- and film-set accidents in the United States from 1990 to 2014, and at least 43 deaths, according to The Associated Press.


Here’s a partial list of set accidents from recent history.

‘The Crow’

《乌鸦》(The Crow)

Brandon Lee, an actor and the son of the martial-arts star Bruce Lee, died in March 1993 during the filming of “The Crow,” after being shot at with a gun that was supposed to fire blank cartridges.


The tip of a .44-caliber bullet had become lodged in the gun’s barrel in filming a close-up scene, and dislodged when a blank cartridge was fired. The bullet pierced Mr. Lee’s abdomen, damaging several organs and lodging in his spine.


Mr. Lee, 28, was the star of the film, about a rock musician who is killed by a street gang and then comes back to life with supernatural powers.


An executive producer of the movie said at the time that when a blank is fired, a piece of soft wadding normally comes out of the gun, but in this instance, a metallic projectile came out. A police investigation into the shooting found no evidence of criminal wrongdoing and no charges were filed.


‘Twilight Zone: The Movie’

《阴阳魔界》(Twilight Zone: The Movie)

A helicopter crash on the Los Angeles set of the “Twilight Zone” movie killed the actor Vic Morrow and two child actors, Renee Shinn Chen and My-ca Dinh Lee, in July 1982.

1982年7月,在《阴阳魔界》的洛杉矶拍摄现场,一架直升机坠毁,导致演员维克·莫罗(Vic Morrow)和两名儿童演员——芮内·欣·陈(Renee Shinn Chen)和麦卡·营·李(My-ca Dinh Lee)丧生。

The tail rotor of the helicopter was hit by debris from explosives detonated in a scene depicting the Vietnam War. The main rotor of the helicopter struck and killed Mr. Morrow and the children as the aircraft pitched into a river on the set.


The film’s director, John Landis, was charged with involuntary manslaughter in connection with the deaths, as were four other members of the film crew, including the helicopter pilot. After a trial that lasted nearly a year and nine days of deliberation by a jury, all five were acquitted in May 1987. In the aftermath of the accident, the Directors Guild of America created a safety committee to put in place safety guidelines.

导演约翰·兰迪斯(John Landis)和包括直升机飞行员在内的另外四名剧组成员被控过失杀人罪。经过持续近一年的庭审,以及九天的陪审团审议,五人皆在1987年5月被判无罪。美国导演公会事后成立了安全委员会,以制定安全指南。

‘Cover Up’

《双面谍》(Cover Up)

The actor Jon-Erik Hexum accidentally shot himself in the head while playing Russian roulette on the set of the television series “Cover Up” in October 1984.

1984年10月,演员乔恩-埃里克·海克瑟姆(Jon-Erik Hexum)在剧集《双面谍》的拍摄现场玩俄罗斯轮盘时意外射中了自己的头部。

Mr. Hexum, 26, had loaded three empty cartridges and two gunpowder-filled blanks into a high-powered handgun before firing the gun, according to a detective on the case.


Mr. Hexum sustained a fractured skull and underwent five hours of surgery. He died several days later. The police ruled the shooting an accident.


‘Midnight Rider’

《午夜骑士》(Midnight Rider)

Sarah Jones, a camera assistant, died on the set of the independent film “Midnight Rider,” about the musician Gregg Allman, in Georgia in February 2014. Ms. Jones was killed while helping prepare a shot that involved placing a bed across the tracks of a CSX railroad line.

2014年2月,摄影助理莎拉·琼斯(Sarah Jones)在佐治亚州拍摄独立电影《午夜骑士》时死亡,该片讲述的是音乐人格雷格·奥尔曼(Gregg Allman)的故事。琼斯因帮忙准备拍摄横置于CSX铁路轨道上的床的镜头而丧生。

After two trains passed, crew members on the film believed they would have a safe interval to get the shot, part of a planned dream sequence. But a third train appeared, moving at high speed through the set, killing Ms. Jones and injuring others.


Later that year, the family of Ms. Jones reached a settlement with 11 defendants in a lawsuit over her death. The terms of the settlement were not disclosed. In 2015, the film’s director, Randall Miller, pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter and served a year in jail. He was also sentenced to 10 years of probation.

当年晚些时候,琼斯的家人与11名被告就她的死亡诉讼达成和解。和解协议的条款没有被披露。2015年,该片导演兰道·米勒(Randall Miller)因过失杀人罪被判入狱一年。他还被判处十年缓刑。

‘Resident Evil: The Final Chapter’

《生化危机:终章》(Resident Evil: The Final Chapter)

Olivia Jackson, a stuntwoman for the actor Milla Jovovich, was severely injured while filming a sequence for “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter” in South Africa in September 2015. While riding a motorcycle, Ms. Jackson collided with a piece of camera equipment, according to Deadline.

2015年9月,演员米拉·乔沃维奇(Milla Jovovich)的女替身奥利维亚·杰克逊(Olivia Jackson)在南非拍摄《生化危机:终章》时身受重伤。据Deadline报道,杰克逊在骑摩托车时撞上了一台摄影设备。

The accident nearly killed Ms. Jackson, leaving her with multiple injuries including disfigurement, several nerves torn out of her spinal cord and a partly amputated left arm.


In April 2020, the High Court in South Africa ruled in favor of Ms. Jackson and against a company involved in the movie.


Two months after Ms. Jackson was injured, another crew member, Ricardo Cornelius, died after a Humvee slid off a rotating platform and crushed him against a wall, Deadline reported.

据Deadline报道,在杰克逊受伤两个月后,一辆悍马车从旋转平台上滑落,该片另一名工作人员里卡多·科尼利厄斯(Ricardo Cornelius)被车轧在墙上丧生。

‘The Walking Dead’

《行尸走肉》(The Walking Dead)

John Bernecker, a stuntman for AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” died in July 2017 after falling on a balcony set in Georgia.

约翰·伯内克(John Bernecker)是AMC电视台出品的《行尸走肉》中的替身演员,他于2017年7月在佐治亚州的片场坠落阳台身亡。

Mr. Bernecker, who had been an active stuntman since at least 2009 and had appeared in films such as “Get Out” and “The Fate of the Furious,” died of blunt-force trauma, a coroner said. Production of the show’s eighth season was temporarily shut down after the accident.

至少从2009年起,伯内克就已经是一名多产的替身演员,参与过《逃出绝命镇》(Get Out)和《速度与激情8》(The Fate of the Furious)等影片的拍摄,验尸官表示,他死于钝力外伤。事故发生后,该剧第八季的制作一度中断。

Mr. Bernecker’s family filed a wrongful-death lawsuit in early 2018 against AMC Networks, the production company Stalwart Films and other parties in Georgia, claiming they had failed to make the show with appropriate safety measures. The suit claimed that some fall protection was in place but that airbags and spotters were not used, and that the padding did not fully cover the area below the fall. Mr. Bernecker landed on his head or shoulder area.

伯内克的家人在2018年初对AMC电视网(AMC Networks)、坚实影业(Stalwart Films)以及佐治亚州相关各方提起过失致死诉讼,声称他们在拍摄时未能采取适当的安全措施。诉讼中声称,当时一些坠落保护措施已经到位,但现场没有使用安全气囊和观察员,且保护垫没有完全覆盖坠落下方的区域。伯内克是头部或肩部着地。

In December 2019, a jury found AMC Networks not to be negligent but awarded more than $8 million in civil damages. The Georgia Court of Appeals overturned the decision in March 2021.


‘Deadpool 2’

《死侍2》(Deadpool 2)

A woman was killed while attempting a stunt on a motorcycle on the set of “Deadpool 2” in Vancouver, British Columbia, in August 2017. The woman, Joi Harris, was acting in her first film as a stuntwoman, according to Deadline.

2017年8月,一名女性在不列颠哥伦比亚省温哥华市的《死侍2》片场进行摩托车特技表演时死亡。据Deadline报道,这位名叫乔伊·哈里斯(Joi Harris)的女性是首次担任电影替身。

Ms. Harris, 40, had worked as a motorcycle racer before joining the crew of the film, and was serving as a stunt double for the actor Zazie Beetz.

在加入这部电影的摄制团队之前,40岁的哈里斯曾是一名摩托车手,她在片中负责担任演员莎姬·贝兹(Zazie Beetz)的替身。
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